Sidney the Sea Dragon

Sidney lived in a quiet lagoon with his family and friends. Every day in the lagoon was always the same.  Sidney had never been outside the lagoon and wanted an adventure so he decided to go exploring.  He was warned by his parents not to venture too close to that dangerous thing called land which was inhabited by odd two-legged creatures. Being rather inquisitive, Sidney hoped to discover something interesting and have a grand tale to tell upon returning home.

Sidney swam until the lagoon was just a small speck in the distance. Soon he saw hills, mountains and tall angular structures all grouped together that appeared to rise out of the ocean. “That must be land,” he thought. There were also masses of strange objects in all shapes and sizes floating around the land.

Sidney wanted a closer look and was horrified when he saw all sorts of mangled, dirty and broken things that were clearly poisoning the ocean.  Sadly, several fish and birds had become trapped in the horrible mess.  The coral and plant life underneath all the debris were suffering as well. And the ocean was uncomfortably warmer here.

Sidney quickly swam back to the lagoon; thankful he had not been seen by the two-leggeds.  If they were ruining the huge ocean, who knows what they would do to him?  He described what he had seen to his parents. 

โ€œThose two-leggeds are destroying our world and theirs.  They donโ€™t seem to understand that all life is connected.  We must stay hidden from those selfish creatures forever,โ€ his parents said.  Sidney and the other sea dragons never ventured far from the lagoon again.

Sidney may (or may not ๐Ÿ™‚ ) be a figment of my imagination. 
Ocean pollution is real and becoming worse by the day! 

ยฉMorgaine du Mer Art and Story 2022


  1. Polluting the seas should be a mayor offense, for anyone and for any country. Just because the sea is around your country, or your city does not mean that it belongs to you and you’ve no right to dump your rubbish in the waters. The sea is not a rubbish bin! And I say that to all those countries, usually in Asia, that dump everything into the sea without the least care. I hope people’s consciousness rises to the level of realising that our Earth is a living organism and we must not disturb our ecosystems with our waste. Lovely post. Happy Saturday.

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  2. It saddens me to see how we humans aren’t taking enough measures to avoid this, which may even also result in the extinction of other species.

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  3. A lovely, and necessary, illustration of the harm we continue to do with little sense of alarm over the lasting damage we continue to inflict on our oceans and the creatures within. We are so interdependent and yet seem incapable of realising we are, in effect, killing ourselves and each other.

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  4. Good choice, Sidney!
    Do you know this meme with the pouting American and it sais something like “If global warming was real, they’d certainly do something about it”
    If one was running against a brick wall, you’d think one would slow down and stop?!?

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  5. Great illustration, and an unfortunately true message. There are some fantastic people out there with some brilliant ideas, but they need to become mainstream…ASAP! ( As does general giving a crap…sigh…). But, on a positive note, I really like Sidney. Especially like the way you’ve done the corals and seaweed there. Lots of attention to detail. Thumbs up!

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  6. This story is an example of driving home an important reality using imagination. Apt for children and adults to gather awareness about ocean pollution.

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  7. Firefox, I couldn’t comment. Safari, same! Trying Chrome now. I’m persistent! ๐Ÿ˜
    Love your post!!! I forget what I first was gonna say, but am relishing fact that I can say it. Whatever it was! LOLOL!

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  8. Quick-thinking Sidney! Glad you got home safely. I agree with the earlier comment this has a winning children’s book feel to me. An opportunity to deliver an important message for both young and old. While I don’t enjoy what is going on in our waters, I did enjoy this post!


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