Happy Birthday, Virgo!

Virgo Sun Sign Print

This is an 8 inch x 10 inch (20.32cm x 25.4cm) Archival Giclee Print created from my Original Pen and Ink/Watercolour on Bristol. It is printed on Ultra Premium Matte Presentation Paper with Archival Inks. 

The print can be personalized with name and birthdate.  A great birthday gift!

See all Zodiac Prints here. Available in two sizes here on https://magickmermaid.com


  1. Beautiful, Mer! You have talent I would die for! Okay, maybe not die, maybe just quite ill for a week or two. Okay, not ill enough to go to the hospital, just… a bit of a worry to John. Okay, John wouldn’t be *that* worried, because maybe my fever wouldn’t be *too* high… Okay, that’s it! 😁

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