Spirit of Autumn

Under a bright full moon, the Spirit of Autumn is surrounded by a bountiful harvest.

The idea for this piece appeared to me in late August. I was having a bit of trouble and I was not happy with the original drawing. Then on 9th September, the day before the full moon and the beginning of Mercury Retrograde (!), I looked out the window saw something amazing. The sun had just set, the sky was was turning dark and the moon was orange with a pale orange halo! This was a singular event in my many years of moon-watching. I stood gazing for about half an hour as the moon ascended, the orange hue becoming more intense. I checked several times through out the evening, thinking the orange hue would fade but it didn’t. The next day I began drawing and painting again. Wishing everyone a bountiful harvest season!

The Spirit of Autumn is available in 3 sizes here on https://magickmermaid.com.


  1. Lovely picture, and I love the magickal story behind it πŸ™‚

    If “Mercury Retrograde” wasn’t a 60s/70s hippy-style soft rock band then somebody missed a trick…:-)

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  2. Ooh! Orange moon, eh? I’ve only ever seen it orangey/red during a lunar eclipse. It looked pretty normal last night from down here. ( Still lovely, though, obviously). Ever seen a moonbow? They’re pretty cool πŸ™‚ . Anyway, lovely work as per usual!

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