Sea Dragon

In a quiet cove, a young sea dragon discovers some colourful shells. Sea dragons are rather shy creatures. So many people might think they don’t exist. ūüėČ We must protect the oceans so sea animals, birds, plants and sea dragons can flourish.Plastic debris causes the deaths of more than 1 million sea birds and more […]

A Decline in North America’s Bird Populations

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Originally published on Given the magnitude of today‚Äôs environmental issues, there are an array of subjects that fall under the scope of ‚Äúat risk.‚ÄĚ Few things are more of an indicator of a depleting environment than the decline of a species. With how much of an emphasis we place…

How Deforestation Drastically Harms Tropical Forest Animals

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Originally published on Deforestation¬†is a well-known environmental issue that affects both animals and the climate. It is a term that applies to the clearing or removal of an entire forest or group of trees, either artificially or due to natural disasters, thereby rendering the land non-usable from a forestry…

Today’s Species Extinction Crisis

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Originally published on The world is currently undergoing a major species extinction crisis. The risk of extinction has increased like never before. An international panel recently released a report revealing that one million species are at risk for extinction due to human activities. The panel, the UN Intergovernmental Science-Policy…

Australia’s Bushfires and Climate Change

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Originally published on Bushfires have always been a part of Australia‚Äôs natural environment. However, they typically have a positive role to play in the management of the continent‚Äôs ecology. Over the past two decades, bushfires have become more and more extensive. By December 2019, Australia has been experiencing a…

How to Conserve Water

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Originally published on According to the EPA, the average American family of four goes through 400 gallons of water each day. That‚Äôs 100 gallons per person! Water is one of our planet‚Äôs most valuable resources, meaning that we need to become better about how we use it. By following…

Recycled Plastics Used To Make Roads

I recently learned about this company. I hope they build factories worldwide! From BBC News: A company which uses plastic waste to surface roads has opened its first factory in Dumfries and Galloway. The MacRebur plant in Lockerbie will take rubbish which would have gone to landfill to help produce asphalt. A one-kilometre stretch of […]