Blue Faerie Door

You never know what you might find when walking in the woods. Perhaps the home of the Crystal Faeries who happen to enjoy mushroom gardening…… The inspiration for this illustration came from Tone’s amazing fungi photos. Check out his blog here: The Blue Faerie Door is available on

The Unicorn’s Garden

Take a peek through a faerie window and you might see a unicorn strolling in his garden. 🙂 The Unicorn’s Garden Print is available in two sizes here on

Beltaine, The Rites of Spring

The celebration of Beltaine is the symbolic union of the male and female principles of creation.  The God and Goddess are united in sacred marriage; the consummation of  their relationship symbolically fertilises the crops and animals for the coming year.  It is a celebration of the continued renewal of life. Symbols of rebirth, renewal and […]

Happy Spring! and Happy Autumn!

In the Northern Hemisphere we are celebrating the first day of Spring. On the Vernal Equinox, day and night are of equal length. The earth wakes from its long Winter’s nap and signals the renewal of plant life.We can also renew ourselves. New plans, new good habits, new outlook on life. Happy Spring to Everyone! […]

Elf Princess

A walk through the woods at twilightI came upon a magickal sightAn Elf Princess sitting in her mushroom and crystal garden. The Elf Princess Day or Night Print is available in 2 sizes here.

Winter Solstice Greeting Cards

New from MagickMermaid! Celebrate the season! Winter Solstice Greeting Cards are 5 in x 7 in (12.7cm x 17.78cm).Printed with archival inks on acid-free archival cardstock.Card is blank inside, matching envelope included.Eco-friendly cardstock and envelope are FSC and SFI-certified and endorsed by the Rainforest Alliance.Enclosed in made-from-plants, acid-free, compostable sleeve. Ideal for framing as well! […]

Faerie Attraction Garden

The full moon ascends at twilight, the magickal time between day and night. Tiny twinkles of colour float over the garden fence. The faerie folk have arrived to take pleasure in this pretty garden! To plant a garden that will attract faeries, be sure to include a place or two for them set up their […]

A Curious Seahorse

Limerick #7 A curious seahorse called Sam Developed a strange liking for Spam His friends were aghast Hoped this phase wouldn’t last And urged a more suitable repast. Seabirds, turtles, marine mammals and fish can mistake floating trash for food; if ingested, it can choke them or block their digestive systems. Large debris, such as […]

Sea Dragon

In a quiet cove, a young sea dragon discovers some colourful shells. Sea dragons are rather shy creatures. So many people might think they don’t exist. 😉 We must protect the oceans so sea animals, birds, plants and sea dragons can flourish.Plastic debris causes the deaths of more than 1 million sea birds and more […]

A Magickal Autumn Garden

Summer has evolved into Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere.  It is almost time for the last harvest and the moon is new. Twinkling lights flutter over the garden wall. It’s the faerie folk come to celebrate the season. This is a garden for a small space. The apple tree is Espalier (horticultural and ancient agricultural […]