Celtic Tree Month of Rowan and Green Dragon

Rowan ~ Green Dragon Zodiac Sign21st January to 17th Feburary Celtic Zodiac Prints are great birthday and new baby gifts! I can personalise the print with the recipient’s name. Rowan/Green Dragon print on parchment is available in 2 sizes here on magickmermaid.com Rowan/Green Dragon Celtic Zodiac Birthday Cards are now available here.5in x 7in (12.7cm […]

Celtic Tree Month of Oak

10th June – 7th July Birthdays Oak Tree/White Horse The Oak is the most sacred tree of the Druids and rules the light part of the year (the Oak King). The Oak represents wisdom, strength, longevity and protection. The Summer Solstice (Alban Hefin) occurs in this month and as the longest day marks a turning […]