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Wishing Everyone A Wonderful Winter Solstice!

Winter Solstice, Yule, Mid-Winter or Alban Arthan is the celebration of the rebirth of the sun after the longest night of the year.  It is one of the eight solar festivals comprising the Wheel of the Year.  Nourished in the womb of the Goddess during the dark time of the year, the sun symbolises the God born anew.  Plants that remain evergreen such as fir trees, holly and mistletoe are used as decorations.  A good time to reflect on the past year and make plans for the new year.

Wishing everyone joy, peace, good health, prosperity in the new year!  May all your dreams come true!

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Something New at MagickMermaid Studio

Something New at MagickMermaid Studio

Art Pendants

My original designs on pendants!  Celtic Zodiac Signs and more.  Click the MagickMermaid Shop link to order:

Something New at MagickMermaid Studio

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Wishing Everyone A Blessed Samhain

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The modern celebration of Halloween is derived from the ancient
Celtic celebration of Samhain, which marked the end of Summer
and honored the Ancestors.
Celebrated on October 31st, spirits may visit as the veil between
This World and the Otherworld is the thinnest. This is also a time to
give thanks for a bountiful harvest.


8in x 10in (20.32cm x 25.4cm) Print
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11in x 14in (29.72cm x 41.91cm) Print
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Cerridwen’s Cauldron of Knowledge

Cerridwen’s Cauldron

A Celtic Crone Goddess, Cerridwen presides over the Cauldron of Knowledge, the contents of which must brew for a year and a day. She is known to shape-shift in the form of a sow.

Cerridwen creates the potion of knowledge which brews for a year and a day in her magick cauldron. A few drops of the potion and one gains all wisdom including the ability to see into the past and the future. Legend says that Cerridwen asked her servant, Gwion, to watch over the cauldron. Some of the potion splashed on his fingers which he licked without thinking. He immediately possessed all knowledge and ran away. Cerridwen pursued him as he shapeshifted into many forms, lastly becoming a small grain. Cerridwen changed into a hen, consumed the grain and became pregnant, giving birth to the great bard, Taliesin.

The origin of the witch stirring her cauldron of brew is most likely the image of Cerridwen.

8in x 10in (20.32cm x 25.4cm) Print 
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11in x 14in (29.72cm x 41.91cm) Print
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The Spellcaster

The Spellcaster

With various potions to choose from a Witch
conjures a spell to coincide with the full moon.
A little of this and a pinch of that go
into the ancient black cauldron.
Her trusty animal companions,
cat, raven and snake, look on as
the magick begins to happen.

The Spellcaster 11in x 14in (29.72cm x 41.91cm)
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The Spellcaster 8in x 10in (20.32cm x 25.4cm)
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Henri, Gnomic Olympic Champion

Not many people are aware that the Gnomic Gnation was well-represented at the 1912 Olympiad.  However, after much thought about safety concerns the Olympic Committee instituted a new height requirement in 1916.  And gnomes were no longer admitted to compete.

Undaunted, the Gnomic Nations called a meeting of the International Magickal Peoples Association and they formed their own Olympic Games.

Another little-known fact is that Henri and a few of his friends developed the sport of snowboarding long before it became popular in the human Olympics.  Henri was so proficient in this sport he was nicknamed “The Flying Potato”.

Flying Potato


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