Dream Interpretation

An omen of what, exactly?

For those expecting an erudite treatise on the interpretation of dreams you will be disappointed. And wherever Dr Freud is, he will undoubtedly be shaking his head in confusion.

I recently had a very vivid dream about bacon.  Yes, that’s right, bacon.

In the dream I was seated at a table, not sure where exactly, and someone, I could not see who, approached the table bearing a sizable tray of baconSeveral crispy, crunchy slices of bacon, all mine!  It should be noted there were a few slices on the tray that were not properly cooked.  I never liked half-cooked bacon and was the bane of restaurant servers if the bacon arrived in such a deplorable state.   I would promptly ask for the half-cooked to be properly crisped.  But I digress.

                                                                      Perfect crisp bacon

What possible implications or hidden meanings are attached to such a dream?

Was I about to receive a gift, albeit with a small flaw?

Who was the unseen gift-giver?

Where was I?

Truth be told, I haven’t eaten real (i.e. pork) bacon in 15 years.  I even quit eating turkey bacon a few years ago due to the high salt content.  Alas, I loved sprinkling brown sugar on the bacon as it cooked for a sweet and salty treat.

Was I yearning for a forbidden experience?

Clues, anyone?  Signs and portents aside, maybe my usually outlandish dream life has become mundane.  Even my daily online horoscope had been the same  every day for more than a week!

Or perhaps, as the ubiquitous ‘they’ who know all say, “everything is better with bacon” (including dreams!).
Chocolate covered bacon-the best of two worlds! If anyone knows where I can buy this please let me know!

Maple brown sugar five spice bacon

Photos from Wikipedia