Eek! A Mouse! The Final Chapter

To catch up on the story:  Part 1 and Part 2  and Part 3 Eek!  A mouse!  The final chapter I consulted with friends. The always-imaginative Sir Doubtpuppet came up with a rather creative solution. He suggested that I make a lady mouse decoy with blonde hair, lipstick, stilettos and mousecara-ed eyelashes to be placed […]

Dream Interpretation

An omen of what, exactly? For those expecting an erudite treatise on the interpretation of dreams you will be disappointed. And wherever Dr Freud is, he will undoubtedly be shaking his head in confusion. I recently had a very vivid dream about bacon.  Yes, that’s right, bacon. In the dream I was seated at a […]

Spell-Check is Your Friend

I inherited this item and could not decide if it was awfully beautiful or just plain awful.  I  had no idea of its history or worth.  After about an hour searching I found a listing for one just like it.  The advertisement was entitled: ‘Porcellian Terrain’ and went on to describe the attributes of such […]