A Magickal Shoppe

The Witch’s Hat Shoppe The new moon was already rising as Esmeralda hurried away from the office. Having to stay late for the third time that week, most likely without anything extra forthcoming in her pay envelope, was rather disheartening. Crossing rapidly to the High Street to buy ingredients for dinner, she gazed up at […]

The New Hat

The New Hat Miranda pulled her threadbare cloak closer, shivering in the cold autumn wind.  The sun was setting as she hurried to the market.  Not much would be left at this hour, but whatever she found would be less expensive. Everything started out well enough when they wed four years ago.  John was a […]

Spell-Check is Your Friend

I inherited this item and could not decide if it was awfully beautiful or just plain awful.  I  had no idea of its history or worth.  After about an hour searching I found a listing for one just like it.  The advertisement was entitled: ‘Porcellian Terrain’ and went on to describe the attributes of such […]