Mystery Blogger Award and Blue Sky Tag Award

Much to my surprise I have been nominated for two blog awards!Β  Thank you so much! πŸ™‚
True to form I will not be playing by the rules (as it states on my blog in bold letters: Confirmed Contrarian). I’ll be answering the questions only.

Mystery Blogger Award
Questions courtesy of JIF, cartoonist extraordinaire from the blog
Procrastinator’s Day Off
A blog that is highly recommended by everyone everywhere!Β  So funny I spill my tea on a daily basis!Β  (JIF, Please send the sponge you mentioned in your latest blog post at your earliest convenience.) (And many apologies for my shamefully late response.Β  Procrastinating is one of my super powers.)

  • What size shoes do you wear?
    I don’t wear shoes; I’m a mermaid.
  • What would you do if you looked up now and saw a huge spider just in front of you?
    In the past I’d scream loudly and swim in the opposite direction! However, that is no longer an option and I have become the much-feared Spider Annihilator.
  • On a scale of 1-10, 1 being not very far to 10 being HELL YEAH, WE RULE THE UNIVERSE, MOFO’S!!! How far do you think the human race has progressed since people learned to stand on their back legs?
    -5.Β  Although someone invented chocolate so the humans can’t be all bad. (However, if they keep ruining the environment at this pace they will be back in a primordial ooze fairly soon.)
  • Tell me a secret, I promise to keep it to myself.
    Β¬!”Β£$%az^&*()()_+al;kjfa[09iq4r0f ofkty]bo;WIS;L,vmz.wep[ocv’p[yt
    (I’ve used secret code for ultimate security.)
  • How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck cars?
    Enough wood to build a two-car garage.


Blue Sky Tag Award
Questions courtesy of Susan W. Goldstein, Mistress of Ceremonies at the
Seriously? Blog.Β  Susan writes about the world with humour, eloquence, love and whimsy.

  1. sun or rain?
    It depends.Β  If it’s sunny and cold, fine.Β  If it’s sunny and warm I must be on a beach.Β  Otherwise rain.
  2. Chocolate: candy or a daily requirement?
    Obviously chocolate is a daily requirement!
  3. Pop-in visitors: hide in a closet or answer the door?
    Visitors who arrive unannounced are baked into a cake for my dragon’s dinner.Β  Although I had to stop doing that as the local constabulary was getting suspicious.Β  So now I just hide.
  4. Favorite scent:
    The ocean, of course!
  5. Museums – Interesting or bo-o-ring?
    I LOVE museums!Β  (If only there was a way for me to get paid to go to museums and view the exhibits.)
  6. Favorite spot for relaxing:
    On a beach!
  7. Next vacation (if money were no object):
  8. Starbucks coffee or anywhere else but?
    I know I run the risk of being expelled from polite society with my answer. I do not like Starbucks coffee.Β  Actually, I don’t like coffee unless I’ve made it myself.Β  The beans must be freshly roasted that I grind myself, and made with spring water in a French press.
  9. Save or spend?
    Very difficult to save money these days as everything is insanely expensive but I’m trying!
  10. Favorite food:
    Seafood!Β  (what else?)
  11. Why do you blog?
    So I can talk to someone other than myself.


  1. Oh sweet Mermadoodle. #11 broke my heart.
    Come in for the big one!
    tickle tickle tickle.
    The rest of the answers were most entertaining though. The Sweeney Todd approach is all unannounced guests deserve.

    (in case you didnt guess I didnt make it to the washing up yet)(the shame)(I’m going now I promise)

    Liked by 1 person

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