Happy Spring! Happy Autumn!

Spring Flowers Wreath Print Prayer for Spring

In the Northern Hemisphere we are celebrating the first day of Spring. On the Vernal Equinox, day and night are of equal length. The earth wakes from its long Winter’s nap and signals the renewal of plant life.
We can also renew ourselves. New plans, new good habits, new outlook on life. Happy Spring to Everyone!

In the Southern Hemisphere it is the first day of Autumn. Day and night are again of equal length. The leaves are beginning to turn into their bright hues and the air is getting chilly. Time to harvest and finish projects. Happy Autumn to Everyone!


  1. Thanks Morgaine, happy spring and sunshine for you! The days are becoming noticeably shorter here with darkness descending earlier every evening and this week has been colder. Time to start rugging up for me!

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